SOQI Rynfield Rules & Regulations

SOQI Rynfield Wellness Centre’s rules and regulations are as follows:

  1. We are not medical professionals. All treatments are done by the customer at own risk. This is a Wellness Centre, and not a hospital. The purpose is to improve one’s general health.
  2. Standard SOQI treatment programs are 30 minutes per day from Monday to Friday at a specific time slot, if a customer miss a treatment during a specific week, the customer can fill it in on the Saturday IF a time-slot is available. (Missed Sessions will be lost otherwise).
  3. If a public holiday interferes with the customers program, then the treatment period will be lengthened by a day.
  4. Customers who are undergoing our “long term sponsorships programs” must attend a 98% attendance. If a 98% attendance is not maintained, the customer will be expected to pay in full for the treatments undergone.
  5. Customers who are extremely “negative” by nature will be asked to leave, as it affects other customers treatment.
  6. All cellphones must be switched off during treatments, and customers must please be quiet during treatments…We try to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.
  7. Visitors accompany the customer undergoing treatments are not allowed to sit with the customer undergoing treatment, unless asked by the staff.
  8. We wish every customer a speedy recovery and expect all customers to give us regular feedback on what they experience, etc. so that we can give better service.

Thank you for your loyal support.  You make this Wellness Centre a success!