Omega Pain Relief Tonic

Omega Herbal 35 is a solution that can be used to help sooth body inflamations and joint pain.


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Product Information

Omega Herbal 35 External is a solution that has deep penetrating capabilities enabling it to soak into the skin and sooth various aches and pains.  This solution can be used to help sooth joint and chronic back pain; muscle aches, sports injuries, arthritis, hemorrhoids, tennis elbow and other such related ailments. It is also helpful in soothing burns, mosquito bites, bee and wasp stings.

100% plant-based blend of natural botanical extracts and some essential oils such as: Neem, Clove, Oregano, Cedar, Cinnamon, Garlic Extract, Geranium, Lemongrass, Coconut & Processed Kelp along with a proprietary wetting agent.  Bottled with pure antioxidant mineral water.